In the context of the continuously growing e-commerce and online retail industry, the need for a safe and efficient storage solution is becoming increasingly critical. FASTEX not only understands this but also strives daily to provide an optimal storage service, helping businesses minimize costs and enhance business efficiency.

FASTEX offers flexibility in selecting storage space, from small warehouses suitable for newly established businesses to large warehouses for big companies. You can adjust your storage space according to your business needs, helping to save costs and optimize your warehouse space.

Flexible and optimized storage

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More is less

What makes storage at FASTEX special?

Geographic location

FASTEX owns two warehouse facilities located in Portland, OR and Atlanta, GA, both strategically situated near airports and seaports. This proximity facilitates the import procedures and allows for rapid distribution of goods to the surrounding areas.

Warehouse quality

FASTEX offers spacious warehouse facilities equipped with advanced technology. This allows businesses to store goods safely while optimizing transportation costs and efficiency in order processing.

Flexible storage

The storage environment is suitable for a variety of goods, including sensitive products, and allows for extended storage periods. This provides sellers with additional confidence in their sales process.

Pay for what you use

  • Pay only for what you use

    FASTEX’s warehousing solution with flexible payment options allows businesses to quickly adapt to changing consumer demands. This helps optimize storage costs and operational expenses.

  • Super flexible costs

    Warehouse costs are flexibly adjusted according to the needs of each business. The more space rented, the lower the cost per cubic meter, helping businesses save effectively on expenses.