Order Fulfillment


Enhance your order fulfillment efficiency with Fulfillment Services from FASTEX. We manage every process, from inventory monitoring to prioritizing and processing e-commerce orders, allowing your business to focus on scaling and robust growth. This comprehensive approach ensures you can devote your resources to expanding your sales and developing your business further.


Save up to 70% on operational costs, labor, and fire safety measures. Pay only for what you use.
The FBM service offered by FASTEX takes responsibility for everything from storing goods in the warehouse to picking, packing, and shipping. FASTEX prides itself on its ability to process and fulfill orders with a 99.9% accuracy rate.
Improve delivery speed by over 50% and significantly reduce shipping costs with FASTEX's available network of shipping partners, ensuring buyer satisfaction while minimizing costs.
FASTEX provides a comprehensive solution that enables businesses to easily adapt to the increasing demands of customers in an ever-changing market environment. FASTEX helps businesses expand their opportunities to reach potential customers and grow their operations effectively.

The revenue story

The average revenue growth of businesses using FBM services


Inventory management

Inventory management

Ensuring the quantity of inventory is maintained at an appropriate level. Identifying the ideal time period for conducting inventory clearance. Providing detailed real-time data on storage costs, consumption ability, and suggesting measures to improve profitability.

Stockpiling inventory

Addressing concerns about inventory management when order volumes suddenly increase. With our solution, you can manage inventory smartly and strategically.

Inventory turnover tracking

Controlling the storage time of goods to effectively apply business strategies. Restocking new items when inventory levels are low, helping to minimize costs and improve customer service quality.

Boosting efficient multi-channel sales

Multi-channel order fulfillment process

  • Receive Order

    The buyer places an order on any sales channel such as an e-commerce website, online marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc.), or social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.).

  • Process Order

    FASTEX checks and retrieves goods from the warehouse, packages them according to the seller’s requirements, and dispatches the shipment to the buyer.

  • Deliver Order

    FASTEX transports the package to the buyer and handles any return requests, if applicable.